Here are clips from previous Crescent Films productions, and documentaries produced by Faris Kermani. You can view more on our Youtube page.


"Seven Wonders of the Buddhist World" (BBC2, 2011)

A 70 minute documentary exploring the world's greatest Buddhist temples as well as the essential tenets of the religion.



"Life of Muhammad" (BBC2, 2011)

A groundbreaking 3 part series exploring the life of the Prophet Muhammad. Filmed in Saudi Arabia, Jerusalem, Syria, Jordan and Istanbul as well as the UK and US.


"Seven Wonders of the Muslim World" (C4, 2008)

A visually astounding documentary series that follows the journeys of six pilgrims from iconic cities across the Muslim World as they converge at Islam's holiest city: Mecca. Shot in Granada, Istanbul, Jerusalem, Djenne (Mali), Lahore and Isfahan, the series explores both the tenents of the faith and the splendour of its archaeological history.


"Dispatches: Between the Mullahs and the Military" (C4, 2007)

Broadcast on the 60th anniversary of Pakistan's independence, this documentary explores how the "War on Terror" has fractured the alliance between orthodox Islamic clerics and the military establishment that has dominated the country's history.


"Dispatches: The Muslim Reformation" (C4, 2006)

Tariq Ramadan sets out his belief that Muslims living in Europe hold the key to reforming religion in this documentary.


"Dispatches: Women Only Jihad" (C4, 2006)

This documentary follows a vocal campaign by a group of British Muslim women and men demanding better access for women in mosques and combating traditional patriarchal values.


"Karbala: City of Martyrs" (C4, 2004)

An award-winning documentary on the first free Muharram celebrations in Iraq after the fall of Saddam. The country is torn between hope for the future and a violent anti-Shia insurgency.


"Trouble Up North II" (BBC2)

A documentary on the campaign by the families of those jailed for taking part in the Bradford riots against their often harsh sentences.


"Jihad in Tipton" (BBC Choice)

A look at the lives and families of the "Tipton Four", a group of British Muslims held in Guantanamo Bay on suspicion of fighting alongside the Taliban in Afghanistan.


"Trouble Up North" (BBC2)

An observational documentary exploring the difficult job of policing in the North of England following race riots across the region in 2001.


"The Dynasty" (BBC2, 1996)

A three-part observational documentary series following the lives of one of Pakistan's most important feudal families. For clips of the other episodes in the series, please visit our Youtube channel.


"Karachi Kops" (C4, 1994)

A five-part observational documentary series looking at life in a Karachi police station. For clips of the other episodes in the series, please visit our Youtube channel.




"Djinn" (C4, 1991)

An exploration of the Islamic belief in "Djinns" or spirits, following the murder of Kausar Bashir in Oldham by two "holy men" during a prolonged exorcism.


"Hullabaloo Over The Satanic Verses" (C4)

A short documentary looking at the response of Muslims to Salman Rushdie's "Satanic Verses".


"The Bangladesh Story" (C4, 1989)

A three-part documentary series on the colourful but troubled history of Bangladesh.


"Nazrul: Rebel Poet of Bengal" (C4, 1988)

A documentary on the famous Bengali poet.


"Habib Jalib: Poetry of Defiance" (C4, 1988)

A documentary on the famous left-wing Pakistani poet. Featuring exclusive performances and interviews with Habib Jalib.


"Baluchistan: The Gathering Storm" (C4, 1987)

A documentary about the nationalist uprising in Baluchistan




"Faiz: Poet In Troubled Times" (C4, 1987)

A documentary on the Pakistani left-wing poet.


"Qawwali: The Sabri Brothers" (C4, 1986)

A recording of a Sabri Brothers performance, and an introduction to Qawwali.


"A Fearful Silence" (C4, 1986)

A documentary on domestic abuse in the Asian community.


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